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Uno Alla Volta ®
Uno Alla Volta
Take a Journey of Discovery and go where treasures are still intricately handcrafted uno alla volta (one at a time). Places where artisans learn their techniques from their parents, as their parents learned them from the previous generation. Places where artists have resurrected dying crafts or nearly extinct cultural heritage. And places completely modern where an artist brings only his or her imagination and the many rich influences on his or her life.
The Artisan TAble ®
The Artisan Table
In 1993, we were Professional Cutlery Direct, and brought you the best collection of fine kitchen knives, but you asked us to serve your other cooking needs, and so in 2003, our name caught up with what we had already become – Cooking Enthusiast.
Now, in 2011, as I look at our current offering with a critical eye, I see The Artisan Table. My visceral association with these words: savoring the little things in life, be they craftsmanship or flavors – individualism, richness, creativity – anything but mass-produced homogeneity. What do you see? I'd like to know.

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